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TitreThe Hunchback, Variety, 4 septembre 1909.
Datesamedi 4 septembre 1909

« The Hunchback » (Vitagraph)

Here is a fine film of strong dramatic appeal. A hunchback bellringer has an overweaning thirst. His crippled condition and besotted ways make him the butt of village fun-makers. Upon going to a wine-garden for another drink, he is made fun of and teased by the crowd. One man in particular attracts his resentment. In a moment of anger he grabs the fellow by the throat, nearly choking him to death. For this he is put in the stocks. "The angel of the village" is shown passing among the poor and distributing alms and when she comes to the poor hunchback in the stocks, surrounded by his jibing tormentors, she secures his release and takes him to her home, where she establishes him as her gardener. Under her good influence he reforms and in gratitude he becomes her devoted servant and protector. In passing to her home she is insulted by two libertines who waylay her, but the hunchback arrives in time to foil their purpose and puts them to flight. The designing villains plot to entice her to their home by means of a deceiving message, stating that one is near death, requiring her assistance. Her instinct as a good Samaritan is nearly overthrown by her judgement, but she consents to follow and upon gaining the interior of the villains’ retreat she is set upon by the shamming brutes. One leaves the room, locking her in alone with her powerfull tormentor. The hunchback, meanwhile, has found the note which was written by his mistress, and he sets out at all speed to gain the place in which she has been enticed. Finding the doors barred, he climbs a vine to the window of the room wherein she is struggling, and makes his entrance in time to kill the villains. In the fight the hunchback is wounded and after he has carried his mistress in safety to her own garden, falls dead at her feet. The players are excellent and tell the story in an interesting and skillful manner. Walt

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Éditeurs : Delphine Gleizes et Denis Reynaud [UMR IHRIM]

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