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TitreThe Hunback of Notre-Dame de Wallace Worsley, The New York Times, 3 septembre 1923.
Datelundi 3 septembre 1923
SourceThe New York Times

« The Hunchback of Notre Dame »

Lon Chaney portrays Quasimodo, the ape-like bell-ringer of the famous cathedral, as a fearsome, frightful, crooked creature. [...] Chaney throws his whole soul into making Quasimodo as repugnant as anything human could very well be. [...] He is remarkably agile and impressive. [...] There are a number of changes, obviously necessary, which have been made in this adaptation. The story is subservient to the atmosphere and the acting. [...] However, the film holds interest because of the excellent acting and sets, and the splendid atmosphere throughout the drama. 

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